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The UA Drumline

The University of Arizona Drumline is an ensemble that exists within the "Pride of Arizona" marching band. As of around 1988, the line has been a battery-only unit. Our primary purpose is to serve as the percussion section for the band. In addition, the drumline is its own entity as a performing ensemble, and as a University function provides outreach to the community through workshops and performances. This organization believes in equal opportunity on the various instruments, and embraces quality over quantity. As a drumline, we seek to stretch the limits of modern drumming. We approach the medium of marching band from a "drum corps" style rather than a "show band" style, but we also recognize that because we exist within a NCAA Division I University, functionality and educational value must be taken into account.



One of our strongest goals as an ensemble is to provide an educational environment that is enjoyable to the performer as well as the listener. To this end, we encourage student involvement, and value what each individual brings to create a unified, musical ensemble. Through our rehearsals and performances, we strive to create a musical, emotional, and life experience rather than a technically flawless show. We believe in educational and personal growth through experience and musical interpretation while teaching technical precision and consistency.



The University of Arizona Drumline exclusively plays Mapex drums.


In addition, we are very fortunate to have obtained sponsorship from Zildjian cymbal company, Vic Firth drum sticks, and Remo Inc., providing top-of-the-line equipment in support of our efforts.


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